Student Information

Student Name

John Lee




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Comprehensive Pain Therapy Center

Mentor(s):Dr. Kim, Chee Gap

Topic of Internship

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Background Information

The Comprehensive Pain Therapy Center is board certified for physical medicine and rehabilitation for patients who have pain or have had injuries to their bodies. Dr. Chee Gap Kim is the physiatrist of this facility and works with a team of physical therapists. Located on Grand Ave in Englewood, they are affiliated with five nearby hospitals such as Hackensack Medical Center. A small facility, the Comprehensive Pain Therapy Center takes advantage of its Korean staff in order to provide its services to the growing local Korean community who otherwise could possibly be overlooked.

Summary of Internship

At my internship at the Comprehensive Pain Therapy Center, I work with the physical therapists with various tasks. The biggest benefit that my internship has is the ability to observe different patients and how their rehabilitation is benefitting them. I sign in patients as they arrive and open their charts on the computer for the physical therapists. While doing so, I am allowed to read their cases, see what type of injuries the patients have, and observe what type of exercises and activities they do for their rehabilitation. Many of the patients come once a week so during internship I observe the same patients every week and am able to see the effects of the rehabilitation. I am able to make case studies of certain patients and see how their health has improved over time. Besides watching the patients exercise themselves, I am also able to observe the physical therapistsí treatments of the patients. There are multiple ways of treating the patients including hot and cold packs, vibration, massaging and even acupuncture. I was able to treat patients myself through many of these methods as well. During my internship, Iíve learned the way a small medical office works and how important each of the employees are to the overall success of the center

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