Student Information

Student Name

Laura Garrison




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Leon Root M.D. Motion Analysis Lab, Hospital for S

Mentor(s):Sherry Backus and Jocelyn Hafer

Topic of Internship

Motion Analysis, Research/Clinical Projects

Background Information

Located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan along the East River at East 70th Street, the Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) is the oldest orthopedic hospital in the United States, originally founded in 1863. Today, HSS is proud to boast national rankings of number one in orthopedics, number three in rheumatology, and number sixteen in neurology by U.S. News and World Report in 2010-2011. The accomplished and dedicated staff of HSS completes over 25,000 surgeries every year, including more hip surgeries and knee replacements than any other hospital in the country. HSS is home to the Leon Root, M.D. Motion Analysis Laboratory (MAL), one of only forty such labs in the nation. Using near-infrared cameras and 3D-imaging software, physical therapists, engineers, and doctors use the MAL to analyze motion in the human body for both clinical decisions and research purposes.

Summary of Internship

My internship in the MAL is a unique blend of medicine, technology and engineering within the challenging environment of a world-renown hospital. Every Thursday, I primarily work on the computer using Cortex and OrthoTrack, specialized software programs created for the purpose of analyzing motion. In the process of learning such programs, I have gained a greater understanding of the human body in terms of anatomy and physics. In addition, during the gait analysis of a patient or a research subject, it is my responsibility to help the physical therapists by preparing the clinical area, helping with the procedure, and cleaning up equipment after the patient or subject has left. Having both observed several gait analyses and completed one as a research subject, I have become familiar with the unique technology within the Lab and understood its role in decision-making for patient treatments within HSS. I have also completed general office duties, but the Lab staff has shown a true dedication to regarding me not just as a mere high school intern, but as a mature, invested Research Assistant. I am expected to listen in on the various presentations given by MAL staff, partners in research studies, and other members of the HSS community. Interns have the opportunity to explore the other departments within the hospital, and are encouraged to take advantage of the many opportunities offered by the MAL.

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