Student Information

Student Name

Sara Williams




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Donald A. Quarles Early Childhood Center

Mentor(s):Kim Borowski

Topic of Internship


Background Information

For many years, Donald A. Quarles Early Childhood Center has worked to provide a healthy and effective learning environment for the children of Englewood, New Jersey. Quarles is a place where each student is given more than enough help to reach his/her full potential. The schoolís faculty pays great attention to the development of the childrenís reading, math, and language skills. My mentor, Mrs. Kim Borowski, has been a teacher for sixteen years in total and has spent fourteen of those years at Quarles. Her time spent studying at both the Fashion Institute of Technology and New Jersey City University has provided her with both the technical training and creativity to become a successful Kindergarten teacher. She works with her students actively through use of differentiated instruction in order to provide the appropriate level of assistance to each individual student. Students in her class are sure to leave with not only literacy and math skills, but also a broad knowledge of artists from all over the world. Students at Donald A. Quarles Early Childhood Center will definitely acquire all of the necessary tools to succeed.

Summary of Internship

I spend the majority of my time with my mentorís Kindergarten class, but I have access to different kinds of classrooms (i.e. Special Education, Pre-Kindergarten) and therefore I am able to learn about different populations of children. I have been given the opportunity to develop relationships with many students and teachers across the campus. Occasionally I perform reading assessments with children, but on most days I watch over them to make sure they understand the task at hand. Every Thursday, I observe one child in particular and work with her one-on-one in order to develop her reading and writing skills. At the beginning of the year, her literacy skills were extremely low, but I have noticed that they have improved greatly. Mrs. Borowski is an amazing teacher and I feel as though I have learned a lot from her. Her classroom is a high energy, fun place to be. If given the chance I would not have chosen a different place to intern. This internship is a great opportunity to interact with and observe both students and teachers.

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