Student Information

Student Name

Adriana Lewis




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Donna Karan New York

Mentor(s):Lisa Rosa

Topic of Internship

Fashion (Production and Technical Design)

Background Information

I am actively pursuing a career in the fashion design field, for it is my goal to have my own fashion line, and become a successful designer. As an intern for the DKNY Company in New York City, the opportunity granted to me is extremely beneficial. Although it is not fashion design, you will learn every single aspect of the business portion of becoming successful in the fashion industry. In this department of DKNY, you will learn about what a garment goes through in order to be sold as the final DKNY product you see at Bloomingdales or Lord and Taylor. You will see where technical designers produce patterns and where sample clothes are made. Every week, you will attend fittings where the samples are corrected on a model.

Summary of Internship

“New York City inspires and fuels everything I do. Donna Karan New York and DKNY embrace the energy of the city. One is luxe sophistication, the other is fast, hip and spirited. Both are modern and reflect how we live day into night. To me, they’re like caviar and pizza, a limousine and a taxi, the skyline and the street.” – Donna Karan As an intern at DKNY, my duties include: Assisting with model fittings for the Spring/Summer/Fall 2011 DKNY Lines, keeping track of the Look Books, and keeping record of the models’ wages. I have to make sure the information for every collection is accurate. I separate clothes to make things easier for my mentor and the rest of the staff for events such as a fitting. I mark down information that is necessary for the production such as manufacturing companies, style numbers, and wash instructions. I not only assist my mentor, Lisa Rosa, however, I help out with anything of the rest of the staff needs, including folding clothes, putting their books together, or running errands throughout the company.

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