Student Information

Student Name

Nicole Middleton




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Ramapo College of New Jersey Athletics

Mentor(s):Rachel Pinton and Kate Levin

Topic of Internship

Sports Information and Marketing

Background Information

Ramapo Athletics plays a huge role in supporting the student-athletes and the athletic staff. With the support of Ramapo Athletics the student athletes have been able to achieve greatly both physically and professionally. Ramapo College is a Division III School and member of the NCAA. Ramapo not only values education as its highest priority but it also maintains its cultural diversity and gender equity.

Summary of Internship

My mentor Rachel Pinton is the Director of Sports Information and Marketing. Along with her assistant, Kate Levin, they are in charge of all 20 sports teams at Ramapo. They take care of the information involved with all 20 sports such as player info, scores, results and game reports. Marketing is a vital part of office responsibilities including getting sponsors to support the 20 teams. While interning at Ramapo Iíve received the opportunity to work hands-on along side my mentor Rachel Pinton and her assistant Kate Levin. Iíve worked in the office as well as at sporting events. In the office Iíve done small things such as filing to major things such as maintaining the website and preparing for games. Also Iíve received the chance to go to games and record the stats and watch as my mentor did tasks such as live stats and end of game press releases to send to all media outlets. Iíve received an amazing opportunity at Ramapo College and you would too if you would like to receive a hands-on experience in sports management.

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