Student Information

Student Name

Mohammad Daraghmeh




Internship Information

Company/Organization: TranSystems

Mentor(s):Bill Clerk & Christain Diaz

Topic of Internship

Civil Engineering/Bridge Interspection/Architectur

Background Information

TranSystems Corporation is a nationally recognized leader transportation consulting engineering. TranSystems maintains its corporate headquarters in Kansas City Missouri. The firm operates 45 offices in 20 states with over 900 employees, providing engineering, architecture, and transportation planning services to a wide variety of private and public clients. From the Paramus New Jersey office TranSystems provides primarily bridge engineering services specializing in the design, and evaluation of both highway and railroad carrying bridges. TranSystems is also provides bridge inspection services to the NJDOT as well as local bridge owners throughout the state. Every bridge in the country is required to be inspected every 2 years and the results of the inspection reported to the state department of transportation as well as the Federal Highway Administration.

Summary of Internship

TranSystems offers vast amounts of opportunities for its interns through creating/editing project engineering drawings using both Micro Station and AutoCAD computer aided drawing software. In addition updating and maintaining highway bridge inspection data using Microsoft Access. As an intern at TranSystems, I have been exposed to tons of different tasks relating to fields in architecture, 3D rendering as well as database management. My main tasks at TranSystems were to create/update entries in Microsoft Access for over 200 culverts in the New Jersey district. Entries that would be sent to the owners of the culverts, which may be the New Jersey Department of Transportation, County Public Works Departments or local municipalities. Also, I was given the task to modify and update previous MicroStation projects in order to make corrections that were necessary. In the process, I was able to gain experience with a new remarkable engineering program which Iím sure I will use as I pursue a degree in engineering.

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