Student Information

Student Name

Alexis Cobb




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Dr. Leroy McCloud Elementary School

Mentor(s):Viveca Williams

Topic of Internship


Background Information

The Dr. Leroy McCloud Elementary School, formally known as Cleveland Elementary School was built over one hundred years ago. In 2009, Cleveland Elementary School was renamed the Dr. Leroy McCloud Elementary School in honor of Englewood’s first African-American principal. The Dr. Leroy McCloud Elementary School is one of two elementary schools in Englewood, New Jersey. The elementary school is home to more than five hundred students from grades four through six. The McCloud Elementary school also contains an excellent group of staff members and a principal, Michael Brown, who encourages and expects hard work, dedication, and leadership throughout the school year.

Summary of Internship

Currently I work with a fifth grade class of diverse learners at the Dr. Leroy McCloud Elementary School. Every Thursday I observe the best practices of an educator and work with the students. Working with the students consists of reading to them, observing what they struggle in, preparing different lessons and projects, and working one on one with them. My in-class experience provides me with an opportunity to observe my mentor and take note of her style of teaching. Each Thursday I try to have at least a project, worksheet, or book to read to the students. By doing certain lessons with the students, I am able to experience first-hand what it will be like to be a teacher as well as building up a portfolio of memories.

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