Student Information

Student Name

Daniel Kim




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Jewish Community Center Therapeutic Nursery

Mentor(s):Anita Miller

Topic of Internship

Sensary Inauguration & Autism

Background Information

The JCC Therapeutic Nursery deals with preschool children with developmental issues. The nursery's model was created at the Einstein College of Medicine by Dr. Doris Allen and Lois Mendelson in 1978. The children in the program receive different types of therapy such as speech, occupational therapy, and social skills. It is a place where it addresses only developmental, cognitive, behavioral, dialectal, and social and emtional needs of the children, but also the needs of the parents.

Summary of Internship

Interning at the Jewish Community Center Therapeutic Nursery was a fine experience. I had the opportunity to interact with the children and the parents. Everyday I assissted the teachers in anyway possible, even if I had to clean up the toys or set up the table for snack time. SInce most of the students were boys, the teachers were glad that a male figure came into thier lives. I also had the opportunity to help out in the occupational therapy room. Occupational therapy is where the children develop their motor skills and face their everyday challenges. Even though, I observed most of the time, I learned so many thigns that I can't descrive it in words. Seeing the children progress in a short period of time had me smiling. Hopefully the children will grow up to be mature adults and will be able to cope with their problems.

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