Student Information

Student Name

Elvis Sokoli




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Garfield Housing Authority

Mentor(s):Martin Geisler

Topic of Internship

Public Housing/Business Management

Background Information

The Garfield Housing Authority,established in 1949, is a state-funded organization offering public housing to various qualified individuals. Currently housing 456 individuals, the GHA works valiantly to ensure that all of its residents are treated fairly and just. Martin Geisler, Director of the GHA and former attorney, is in charge of managing the daily operations and under his leadership the Garfield Housing Authority has grown into one of the most prominent and respected public housing divisions in America.

Summary of Internship

Although I am only a high school student, I was given the opportunity to intern at the Garfield Housing Authority. I am given various tasks that the stereotypical intern would have to carry out including: paper work, filing, photocopying, faxing, running errands, and answering phone calls. On the flip side of that, Iím also treated as a member of the office and get to see from the inside how a government agency is run. The best part of my internship however, would be because of its small work-force, Iím given a lot of one-on-one attention and get to build personal relationships with many of the people in the organization. Through their experiences I have learned much about business, social interaction, and life in general to help me prepare for college, my career, and future altogether!

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