Student Information

Student Name

Kevin Chen




Internship Information

Company/Organization: E1 Asset Management

Mentor(s):Adthe Gashi

Topic of Internship


Background Information

E1 Asset Management was founded in 1998 by Ron Itin and Sonny Shaikh. E1 Asset Management is a full service brokerage firm located on 44 Wall St. The mission of E1 Asset Management is to provide clients with a method to consistent risk-averse long term financial planning. E1 has over 100 employees and targets clients all over the world, a job which requires a very diverse body of brokers. The brokers are from all over the world and search for leads across the globe.

Summary of Internship

I work with the head of Information Technology, Mr. Adthe Gashi. On the work floor, every employee has a computer with multiple monitors. The IT department manages multiple servers and is there to facilitate and make sure that all the servers, computers, and even blackberries are running without issues. We are also there for tech support and we solve multiple issues including viruses, spyware, and system failures. I assisted many users in installing new programs, formatting hard drives, setting up monitor systems, swapping out systems, reinstalling malfunctioning programs, and swapping out parts inside the actual computers. I personally had lots of great experiences at internship and I can really see myself going into the IT industry in the near future.

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