Student Information

Student Name

Klaudia Grabias




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Holy Name Medical Center

Mentor(s):Vincent DeFedele

Topic of Internship

Pharmacy Department

Background Information

Holy Name Medical Center is located in Teaneck, NJ. The hospital has been providing care to its community for over eighty five years. It was founded and sponsored in 1925 by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace. Holy Name developed from a small hospital with only two surgeons and the leadership of a Catholic sister into an acute medical center. The Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace purchased an estate of the late William Walter Phelps and appointed Sisters to work in the small, 115 bed hospital. Only five years later a clinic added to meet the needs of the community during the Great Depression. As the demand for more space in the hospital increased over the years, Holy Name expanded. From the very beginning, Holy Nameís mission was to serve the community, heal and treat its patients. Not surprisingly, the hospitalís mission remains the same.

Summary of Internship

The onsite pharmacy within the hospital sends out medications to the patients daily to ensure the treatment of those admitted into the hospital. Accuracy, excellence and speed are all goals of the pharmacy to guarantee patients receive the proper medication in a timely fashion. To ensure accuracy, the pharmacy has a robot filled with many types of medications that does a fair amount of work. However, manually picked prescriptions and IVs are always checked by the pharmacy technician and the pharmacist to make certain the proper dosage of all substances are used or given. Interning at such a fast paced hospital pharmacy setting teaches one how to become a part of the family and jump into the hectic days of the pharmacy. Not only has being a student under pharmacist Vincent DeFedeleís wing been very rewarding in the sense that I am exposed to the pharmaceutical world, but it has proven to me that this is a career I want to pursue in the future. I have had the chance to work with multiple pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to learn about how the pharmacy works and the different roles within a hospital pharmacy. Whether you are seeking exposure in the pharmaceutical field or are pursuing a career in pharmacy to be a pharmacist or pharmacy technician, I guarantee you Holy Name Medical Centerís Pharmacy is the place to be.

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