Student Information

Student Name

Kevin Kaine




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Cresskill Public School District

Mentor(s):Kevin Whitney

Topic of Internship

Tech Department

Background Information

The Cresskill Public School District is the public school district for Cresskill, NJ. It is made up of five schools, a Pre-School, two elementary schools, one middle school Cresskill Middle School, and the high school. My mentor Kevin Whitney is the Technology Director for the district and is responsible for the overall maintenance and operation of the school's Local and Wide Area Networks.

Summary of Internship

I intern with the Technology Director, Kevin Whitney. He runs the entire technology department for the district and is the sole member of the department. I assist him with a wide variety of tasks ranging from imaging and ghosting computers for future use, to going around the district repairing specific technology problems. Kevin benefits from having me as an intern for my past skills and ability to work, giving him extra hands to handle the workload, but I also benefit much from having him use his experience teach me about aspects of technology I have never had to work with before. This internship is a great experience for anyone interested in the field of technology or wishes to see how a large network works together.

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