Student Information

Student Name

Diana Kim




Internship Information

Company/Organization: New York Presbyterian Hospital

Mentor(s):Peter Rivera

Topic of Internship


Background Information

New York Presbyterian Hospital is a learning hospital: it provides excellent patient care and, in conjunction with both Cornell and Columbia Universities provides an excellent place of practice for residents or third year medical students. I work on the 7th floor: this floor is dedicated to surgery patients, and thus those Columbia residential students (Milstein hospital serves Columbia University students only) who are studying as surgeons and third year med students who are testing grounds. The specific program I am involved with was developed recently (within the last decade) by my mentors (both Dr. Widmann and Ms. Leddy), and which exposes medical students to all aspects of general surgery in a better light. Since the beginning of the program, students are more likely to decide on surgery as a career – from an average of 5 students to 15. Students learn techniques specific to general surgery – suture and laparoscopic courses – and are exposed to situations third year medical students are generally not exposed to during typical med school (harvesting of kidneys, lungs, etc.).

Summary of Internship

As an intern at a hospital, it is difficult for me to get anything “hands on.” Basically my job as a volunteer is to help the nurses with whatever they possibly need and help the patients be in as much comfort as possible while they are in the hospital. Although it is tiring to run around the hospital looking for nurses and helping patients, it is also an advantage for me to become one step closer to my future: to become a nurse. The experience I have in this hospital is beneficial yet a learning experience. The nurses at the hospital cannot be any friendlier and also, they make the volunteers feel very comfortable. Above all, people should look into this internship because of its benefits and also because it is a brilliant hospital!

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