Student Information

Student Name

Edward Avery Rodriguez




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Bergen County Division of Family Guidance

Mentor(s):Staci Block

Topic of Internship

Social Work

Background Information

The Division of Family and Guidance was created because of a study conducted in 1976 by a Dr. Lloyd McCorkle, former Commissioner of Corrections in New Jersey. The result of the study was to develop an umbrella agency to deal with all county-funded programs involving troubled youths. The purpose of Family Guidance is to improve the relationships, and well-beings between Bergen county adolescents and their families. The division also provides services that help to enhance the family’s functionality in the community with a wide range of judicial, educational, mental and correctional services.

Summary of Internship

When I am interning at the Division of Family Guidance, under the supervision of Ms. Block, I am able to learn much about social work. Ms. Block runs the group Reflections, which is a volunteer group of high school students from Bergen County who go and perform improvisational acts addressing teen issues. I assist her in a numerous amount of ways such as paper work and filing. I am also able to meet with workers in different programs in the division so I can have a better knowledge of the field of human services.

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