Student Information

Student Name

Hakim Eatman




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Engineering Department at Fairleigh Dickinson Univ

Mentor(s):Reji Joseph

Topic of Internship

PLC's and Microcontrollers

Background Information

Fairleigh Dickinson University is host to a prestige engineering department. Students travel from around the world to participate in FDUs engineering department which helps make FDU one of the most diverse and internationally excepted schools in America. In the engineering department at FDU has many different functions. It holds class rooms where students learn the ends and outs of their specific type of engineering. There are the labs where students do experiments or where teachers, students and volunteers are doing research on interesting findings. The engineering building is where you will find the director Dr. Alfredo Tan a very well known and prestigious engineer.

Summary of Internship

Each week at internship we are first go to the lab room where we are received by my mentor Mr. Reji Joseph. After we are settled my mentor shows us what we will be experimenting with. He explains how to program the microcontroller, PLC, or whatever we are working with for the day and then he explains exactly what we are doing when we program it. Then after the explanations my mentor leaves us to work on the program ourselves. While working on the program our mentor randomly checks on us to see our status, how far we have progressed, and help us where ever it is needed. After lunch break we switch into a different branch of electrical engineering depending on what we do before the break. Suppose we are doing PLCs before lunch break then after the break we will be working on microcontrollers.

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