Student Information

Student Name

Alyna Pineda




Internship Information

Company/Organization: New York Sports Med and Physical Therapy

Mentor(s):Paul Ochoa, Julissa Cortes, Steve Horney

Topic of Internship

Physical Therapy's affect on an injured patient

Background Information

New York Sports Med and Physical Therapy is a health care facility specializing in physical therapy, chiropractor, sports medicine, pain relief, and medical massage. It was established in 2006 under the ownership of Adam Banks. The first NYSM is located on Colombus Circle. After two years, the company expanded a branch on Grand Central, and just recently, a new location on Union Sqaure opened. New York Sports Med and Physical Therapy has always prioritized patient care and the overall patient experience within their practice. Their main goal is to keep patients from the operating room whenever possible by combining cutting edge medicine non-invasive, individualized physical therapy and rehabilitation. At NYSM, therapists treat all types of injuries that occur in everyday life, keeping the patients functioning at their very best. The level of service and care offered by NYSM has become a hallmark of the premier PT companies throughout New York.

Summary of Internship

As an intern in New York Sports Med and Physical Therapy, I have the opportunity to observe and learn the field of Physical Therapy in a hospitable environment. My mentor, Paul Ochoa, is a licensed physical therapist who has specialized in medical massage for over nine years. Although he is usually absorbed by his work and patients, he finds time to eagerly teach and keep me involved in the field. Working in NYSM, I have been given the opportunity to observe several therapy sessions with the patients. It has been arranged for me to work with an exercise specialist, providing aid for the patient in anything he/she needs. Most of the time, I shadow different therapists, learning each and every one of their own techniques of therapy. In the office, I am responsible for filing documents and charting the exercises that the patients have done. From time to time, I am also required to type the company's budget and expenses on Microsoft Excel. Overall, my internship is an incredible opportunity and experience that provides me with an insight of the field I might possibly pursue in the future. Although I do not necessarily get a chance to physically interact with the patients, I have gained a sense of what physical therapy is all about.

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