Student Information

Student Name

Jennifer John




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Prana Marketing

Mentor(s):Andree LC DeSandies

Topic of Internship


Background Information

Prana is a boutique marketing and consulting firm created to offer a full suite of marketing services for musicians, media groups and corporations. Prana provides a venue for imaging, promotion, marketing and brand identity for artist development, product development and entertainment. Prana grasps all facets of developing a marketing campaign that will provide an artist/ client with a centralized message and image that has the ability to project across all media platforms. With expertise in the music industry, advertising and product distribution bother online and off, Prana offers strategic brand development and creative direction for any project.

Summary of Internship

As an intern at Prana Marketing my main job is to do the tasks delegated to me by my mentor LC or my boss Angela. At Prana Iíve done a variety of task from running short errands to taking on whole projects. Most of my days are made of writing press releases which are used to advertise the artist/client that Prana is representing. The other half of my day is made of posting or sending out press release to our various cliental and websites as well as other people who have a relation to what the artist or client needs to be market. Iíve had the opportunity to work on an event in which Iíve made flyers for each of the displays. This project incorporated design and time management which I found fun. At Prana Iíve learned about the complexities of the marketing world and the strategies of competition in media. The environment is small and very nurturing which allows me to feel as part of the team.

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