Student Information

Student Name

Keenan Peterkin




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Engineering Dept. Fairleigh Dickinson University

Mentor(s):Reji Joseph

Topic of Internship

PLCs and Microcontrollers

Background Information

The engineering department of Farleigh Dickinson University is a program made for the students to conduct experiments which inquire working with PLCs and Microcontrollers. This department also teaches Farleigh students more about programming PLCs and Microcontrollers as well as building the machine in which the program is pushed out to. This gives students the opportunity to explore and expand upon their knowledge so that they can create ideas on their own and expand their creativity. Farleigh Dickinson’s engineering program also focuses on the production of power plants and how they are made and controlled. From this teaching it is expected that students learn how things are made and how they works, it also cause students to think more on the behind the scenes programming done to make our day to day life easier. Students enrolled in this program also compete in programming robotics competitions where it is made possible for them to see their experiments work for a particular purpose.

Summary of Internship

At internship each week we begin the day in the lab where we discuss with our mentor Reji what we will be learning that day. Because our internship is pretty repetitive we start every session working with PLCs. First we read about PLCs so that we can acquire background knowledge about what aspect of PLCs we will be working with that day and then we begin the programming. After which, we begin working with the microcontrollers in the same process first we read about it and then we act on what we’ve read about microcontrollers. After doing this and getting familiar with both PLCs and Microcontrollers we will begin our own project where we can put what we have learned into a real world application and watch it work.

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