Student Information

Student Name

Rose Melanie Orrala




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Bergen County Sheriff’s Office

Mentor(s):Officer Aimee Mehnert & Jennifer Monaghan

Topic of Internship

Community Outreach Unit

Background Information

The Community Outreach Unit is a unit within the Sheriff’s that is designed to provide one of the positive services that the Bergen County Sheriff’s office has to offer. Its mission is to look out for the community by creating programs that will teach citizens about law enforcement and its positive impact on the community. Its mission is to preserve a feeling of safety and security inside our communities. By maintaining close partnerships with everyone in the community, Community Outreach ensures the highest quality and the most responsive service in law enforcement. In order to stay close with the community, they reach out to the community through programs targeting alcohol and drug abuse, senior citizen safety, child safety, school violence, proactive DWI prevention programs for high school students, and civic groups and law enforcement agencies to provide the community with a variety of services and information. Community Outreach strives to treat the public with respect, dignity, fairness, and compassion. The Bergen County Sheriff’s office does as much as it can to ensure Bergen County is a safe place to exist in.

Summary of Internship

At the Bergen County Sheriff’s Office I have been given the opportunity to work side by side with police officers that are waking up every morning doing what I want to do when I am older. As an Intern in Community Outreach, my job and responsibility is to complete any task that is given to me. For the most part, I have done minor tasks that involve filing, organizing, computer work, answering calls, and preparing for events. I have also had the opportunity to go out and help with programs like Gold Star ID, where I’ve had the chance to work with senior citizens. Fortunately, I have also been able to take tours to places like the Bergen County Jail and BCI. I have seen and attended drug and DWI prevention programs at high schools in Bergen County and have sat in court cases involving the sexual harassment of a baby. I’ve taken every opportunity I can to learn about the field that, to me, seems like a dream to be a part of. I have tried to take full advantage of my internship and am still in the process of learning more.

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