Student Information

Student Name

John Justin Balancio




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Ronald Schmidt & Associates, P.A.

Mentor(s):Sherry Bauer, Ronald Schmidt, Jorge Torres

Topic of Internship

Web Design and Improvement

Background Information

The architectural firm of Ronald Schmidt & Associates, P.A. was formed in 1983 by Ronald Schmidt on the premise that clients deserved, and would appreciate, the quality design offered by large New York firms without the overhead that those firms charge. Mr. Schmidt is a hands-on designer and project coordinator. The project managers are involved on each and every project, adding their perspective and experience at all points in the design and construction process. Their commitment to expanding their expertise is the reason why Ronald Schmidt & Associates is registered as a continuing education provider. The result is a level of responsiveness that is both impressive and unique in this all too impersonal world.

Summary of Internship

Located in Englewood, New Jersey, Ronald Schmidt & Associates, P.A. gave me the opportunity to use my skills in the web development field to help improve and update their website. As an intern at RSA, my responsibilities included graphic design for presentations and updating their website to the owner’s needs. I learned that website improvement is an arduous process needing to be completed over a series of weeks. A simple request such as enlarging images can take a long time, due to the sheer amount of pictures that need to be changed and uploaded onto the website. I also learned there is a tremendous amount of trial and error when implementing a new idea to the website. But after all the work it is a very rewarding feeling seeing the improvements you created on the website. My internship at RSA has given a first-hand experience of what it is like to work for a real world company and improving their website, which will benefit if I ever look for employment in the web development field ever again.

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