Student Information

Student Name

Jasmin White




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Dwight Morrow High School Athletics

Mentor(s):Robert DiGregorio

Topic of Internship

Athletic Training

Background Information

Dwight Morrow High School is a public high school that accommodates over a thousand students a year. The school has a principal Mr. Peter Elbert a vice Principal Ms. Daniela Small-Bailey and many deans. There are 2 buildings. One building houses the Academy Program and the other building houses the Avid Program the small learning communities and the special education programs. Then the athletic department is open to all students. The athletic department offers many sports that are overseen by the athletic director Ms. Yvonne Sheard and the Assistant Athletic Director Kurt Ceresnak. This department offers football, basketball, baseball, cross country, soccer, track, tennis, golf, volleyball, and softball. All kids are welcome to play these sports as long as they attend practice and make the grade. The athletes of the school are taken care of by the Athletic Trainer Robert Digregorio. When there is an injury or something that needs attention the athletic trainer takes care of it and makes sure all of the athlete’s medical needs are met. The athletic trainer prepares kids before games, treats sports related injuries, does the recovery days for children that suffered a concussion during a sports game or practice.

Summary of Internship

In the Dwight Morrow High School Athletic Department my job is to assist the athletic trainer and anyone else that need help within the department. I have had to fill up water coolers and set them up in the gym or outside for numerous practices and games. Before each season started there were physicals, and I had to help do heights and weights and make sure everyone had the correct paper work before seeing the trainer and the doctor. During fall sports such as football and soccer I was in charge of making sure that the players had water and if anyone was injured they were comfortable and their needs were met if the trainer was assisting someone else. During winter sports I did the same thing and a little extra. I had to help set up the gym, clean up, concessions on some days, make sure the gym floor is dry and just assist anyone that needed my help. Spring sports are no different than winter and fall sports the only difference is there is no gym set up and clean up. All of these tasks teach you responsibility and just how to stay organized. They can really help you in the real world.

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