Student Information

Student Name

Alef Tadese




Internship Information

Company/Organization: International Rescue Committee

Mentor(s):Ms. Ellen O'Connell

Topic of Internship

International Relations

Background Information

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) is a leading nonsectarian, nongovernmental international relief and development organization based in the United States. The International Rescue Committee responds to the worlds worst crises. When people are forced to flee from conflict or disaster, we lead them to safety and self-reliance. At work in over 40 countries and 22 US cities, the IRC leads the way from harm to home. When an emergency arises, the IRC arrives on the scene within 72 hours with urgently needed supplies and expertise that protect people caught in the midst of chaos. We commit to stay as long as we are needed, helping survivors to heal, recover and rebuild their communities to be stronger, more stable and more democratic. In the United States, the IRC has helped hundreds of thousands of refugees thrive in the country that gave them sanctuary and a new beginning. From the first moment the IRC hits the ground we work toward lasting solutions. Building local capacity and self-sufficiency -- and promoting human rights, participation and accountability -- are at the core of all of our innovative programs.

Summary of Internship

At internship, I had a unique experience at the International Rescue Committee since I didnt have the typical student intern tasks, such as retrieving cups of coffee, picking up donuts, filing, etc. Interning here has broadened my knowledge even further in several countries and different conflicts that took and are taking place around the world. On top of everything, workers from my office treated me as if I was an adult and not a child. Every Thursday, Id commute to NYC using the NJ Transit and the MTA. When Id reach the office, I would continue or get new projects to work on. I had completed many projects. My first project, which was also the longest project, took about two and half months to complete and I had to research about all the board of directors, overseers, and presidents of the IRC from its formative years to present day while most of my other projects take just a few weeks. Some of my other projects consisted of preparing binders for delegates traveling to certain programs we function in different parts of the world prepping them on the region and what we are currently doing to better the situation.

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