Student Information

Student Name

Zachary Coles




Internship Information

Company/Organization: The University Hospital

Mentor(s):Ms. Roxanne Nagurka

Topic of Internship

Emergency Medicine

Background Information

The University Hospital initially opened on September 4th, 1882 with 25 beds and was incorporated on February 23, 1883. In 1884 the hospital was moved to the former insane asylum building on Fairmont Avenue. In 1981, university-status was legislatively awarded to the College of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey and the name of the hospital was officially changed to University Hospital. Now one of the three level one trauma centers in the state of New Jersey UH is recognized for its emergency/trauma department and the fast and reliable care it provides to its patients.

Summary of Internship

At University Hospital, I observed procedures in the emergency room and trauma bay. Much of these procedures included suturing and IVís. I also shadowed doctors, residents, and medical students as they interviewed patients regarding their medical histories and did physical exams. Overall, the internship gave me a varied experience in the field of medicine as I was not only able to see everything that went on in the ER but also observe doctors that came in to provide a consult. The aspect of this internship that I enjoyed the most was the relationships that I was able to build as part of it. Though initially I was hesitant to talk to people, I eventually began to blend in and feel part of a team. Everybody was friendly and many of the doctors and medical students were quick to offer me advice about college and anything else I was curious about, something that I greatly appreciated.

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