Student Information

Student Name

Max Walters




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Radiant Energy Systems

Mentor(s):Cornel Polny

Topic of Internship

Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

Background Information

Radiant Energy Systems, Inc. is a company which designs and builds industrial heaters, dryers and ovens. RES has been around for 27 years and there is plenty of experience among its staff. The work for Radiant comes from customers that come bringing their own unique heating needs, and it is RESís job to come up with a solution. As such, RES employees spend a great deal of time coming up with designs for the heaters that will be built. RES is a small company that has grown substantially over the past few years, and I have seen it nearly double in building size since I began my internship at RES.

Summary of Internship

As an intern, my weekly tasks were to create manuals that contained all the information that was needed to operate and repair the heaters. I also made purchase orders, edited electrical schematics, filed, and inspected heaters and control panels. All of these tasks allowed for me to learn more about the engineering field by teaching me what engineers do on a daily basis. Every week at RES built upon the previous one, with tasks becoming more difficult, and requiring more time to complete. Overall, I can say that my experience at RES has really given me an edge over people who are interested in becoming an engineer because of the invaluable experience I have gained from RES. Furthermore, I was able to put what I have learned to do in school into practice which helped me greatly when starting out my internship.

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