Student Information

Student Name

Cheyenne Simmons




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Bergen Family Center

Mentor(s):Aliya Norris

Topic of Internship

Early Childhood Education

Background Information

Bergen Family Center was founded in the year of 1898 as an organization for boys' clubs. Bergen Family Center is recognized as Bergen County's oldest continuously operating family service agency. The Woman's Club of Englewood, who started the boysí organization, added a day nursery in the year of 1900 which launched a total family-supportive mission. Prior to being named Bergen Family Center; the non-profit organization was known as the Social Service Federation in the 1920s. The 1950s saw a spinoff of the clinical counseling and family advocacy departments into a separate entity, the Family Service of Bergen County headquartered in Hackensack. The original Federation continued to provide neighborhood-based programming in Englewood. In the year of 1997 the two organizations reunited and five years later took the name of Bergen Family Center, better reflecting our commitment to the diverse needs of our county's families.

Summary of Internship

As an intern at BFC, I work in a classroom with the age groups of four and five year olds. Every Thursday I observe diverse methods and techniques of an educator and work with the children. My daily duties are to help assist during the classís circle time which consists of reviewing the days of the week, shapes, colors, the pledge of allegiance, weather and occasionally special holidays. As well as aid with art projects and create lesson plans for the class. This experience shows me not only different teaching techniques but time-management skills and patience which is a much needed virtue. Furthermore by creating lesson plans it gives me first-hand experience of being a teacher and how to conduct a class. With the hands on skill that I acquired working with the children, they motivated me. The children in the Sunshine class are very sophisticated. Within the classroom they have different centers: art, reading and writing, blocks, puzzles and manipulative, drama, science, and computer. During their center time they have free choice. The children play well together. When there is a disagreement, over all they can work things out. However, for the ones who canít the teacher will intervene and assist.

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