Student Information

Student Name

Rujul Patel




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Weill-Cornell Medical Center

Mentor(s):Dr. Susan C. Pannullo

Topic of Internship


Background Information

The Weill-Cornell Medical Center, founded in 1898, is a private teaching hospital located in New York City. This medical center is also part of the New York Presbyterian Hospital system and is affiliated with Cornell University's Weill-Cornell Medical College. The Weill-Cornell Medical Center is dedicated to providing quality healthcare to patients while also conducting extensive medical research for the improvement of medical care. With over 180 departments and programs within the facility, the Weill-Cornell Medical Center is able to meet every need of both patients and students of the Weill-Cornell Medical College. Overall, this institution strives to serve those in need and improving care for future patients through its dedicated medical staff. The Weill-Cornell Medical Center has an extensive Department of Neurological Surgery with acclaimed divisions such as Neuro-Oncology, which provides cancer treatment for tumors in the brain and spine.

Summary of Internship

As an intern in the Neuro-Oncology division of the Department of Neurological Surgery at the Weill-Cornell Medical Center, I have been exposed to a variety of medical settings ranging from clinical office building to the radiation center within the hospital. Generally, I observe procedures such as stereotactic radiosurgeries and shadow both Dr. Pannullo and her nurse practitioner, Heather Kramer, as they conduct routine checkups with post-operation patients or explain possible treatment plans. I also have a few clerical responsibilities such as picking up papers or writing notes down for Dr. Pannullo. Furthermore, I am exposed to medical research by helping Dr. Pannullo conduct research for her publications or learning about her possible plans for new research projects. Overall, by being exposed to these different patients, research plans, and more, I am able to gain knowledge and experience in the medical field that I would have never been able to gain in a classroom setting at school.

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