Student Information

Student Name

Vanessa Adam




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Holy Name Hospital

Mentor(s):Maritza Gonzalez

Topic of Internship

Health Outcome Management

Background Information

Holy Name Medical Center is located in Teaneck, NJ. The hospital has been providing care for over eighty five years. It was founded and sponsored in 1925 by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace. Holy Name developed from a small hospital with only two surgeons and the leadership of a Catholic sister into an acute medical center. The Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace purchased an estate from William Walter Phelps and appointed Sisters to work in the hospital. Five years later a clinic added to meet the needs of the community during the Great Depression. Holy Name expanded as they met the demand for more space in the hospital. Holy Name’s mission is to continue to serve the community, heal and treat the patients.

Summary of Internship

Health Outcome Management provides administrative support for Utilization Review, Discharge Planning, Social Service and Quality initiatives. Responsible for managing all department procedures, policies and programs implemented. The Department Secretary maintains and monitors a variety of administrative office function; daily reporting of federal and non-federal information, daily pay or notifications, correspondences, maintenance of the denials database, billing inquires and essential secretarial services for the Medical Management Department.

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