Student Information

Student Name

Thomas Kang




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Redshift Technologies

Mentor(s):Juin Wang (President)

Topic of Internship

Software Engineering

Background Information

Juin Wang and Matthew Scott founded Redshift Technologies, Inc. in 1996. Friends since high school, they both studied computer science in college and pursued careers as software engineers. By 1995, Mr. Scott was working with Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) and Mr. Wang was a successful consultant for a Fortune 100 company. The following year, the two joined forces to create Redshift, a company committed to both client satisfaction and a positive employee experience. Redshift has grown in the intervening years fueled by the experience and knowledge we have gained. Our mission has always remained the same: to fully understand our clients' business objectives and to provide software to meet those objectives on time and on budget.

Summary of Internship

At Redshift Technologies, I was able to experience the environment of a small business. I was allowed to have my own small office although I moved around occasionally. My mentors have guided me through the process of delivering a product to a client. This included guidance, maintenance, and production of the actual product. I also learned background information regarding web servers, databases, and other technical subjects. A few of my tasks as an intern included destroying hard drives, shadowing an employee, installing and testing software, and working with functions in Microsoft Excel. The employees at Redshift Technologies are very friendly and welcoming. The conversations that come up during lunch are entertaining and often insightful. All in all, my internship at Redshift was a great experience.

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