Student Information

Student Name

Marie Ashley Gamboa




Internship Information

Company/Organization: The Valley Hospital

Mentor(s):Patricia Seavers & Jacqueline Valles

Topic of Internship


Background Information

The Valley Hospital, located in Ridgewood, NJ, serves more than 32 towns in Bergen County which includes more than 400,000 residents. Valley is a non-profit, fully-accredited hospital that has a 55-year history of quality patient care and community service. The Valley Hospital is part of the Valley Health System, along with Valley Home care and Valley Health Medical Group which aims to provide high quality health care at an affordable cost. The Valley Hospital has earned 10 Gold Seals of Approval for healthcare quality and the Magnet Designation for Nursing Excellence from the American Nurses Credentialing Center. In addition, Valley was the first hospital in the tri-state area to be awarded service excellence under J.D. Power and Associates Distinguished Hospital Program. The mission statement for the hospital is under the acronym, “serve:” service, excellence, respect, value and ethics.

Summary of Internship

At the Valley Hospital, I was given the opportunity to choose rotations that I desired. I decided to intern at the Mother/Baby/NICU and the Heart & Vascular Institute. For my first rotation, the Mother/Baby/NICU, I had a weekly routine that consisted of volunteer work. I delivered supplies to patients and restocked cribs and baby bags. In addition, I had the opportunity of observing circumcisions, echo cardiograms, blood work, charting, and washing of newborns. I had the opportunity to speak with a patient that had P.U.P.P.S, a rare condition that happens to a small percentage of women during their 1st pregnancy where rashes appear throughout the body, and she explained the process of pre and post-pregnancy. For my second rotation, in the Heart & Vascular Institute, I assisted with the discharging of patients. I would get a list from either my mentor or the CSS of all patients for discharge in the morning. Then, I would work with nurses and patients to facilitate appropriate educational materials such as new medication and specific heart condition booklets.

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