Student Information

Student Name

Thalia Duque




Internship Information

Company/Organization: The PitCCh In Foundation

Mentor(s):Amber Sabathia

Topic of Internship


Background Information

The PitCCh In Foundation, lead by Amber Sabathia, her husband, NY Yankee CC Sabathia, his mother Margie and a dedicated team of professional staff and volunteers who believe in making a difference in the lives of inner-city youth, was established in 2010 in Vallejo, California. Foundation Executive Director Amber, works to ensure that the end result of each project are fulfilling the promise of the mission to enrich lives of youth from the inner city. It is a place to which both she and her husband can relate. The foundation has many projects that they have developed in their home town but have extended their hand to the east coast since they now reside here. They continue to use their power and success for good, and have many upcoming projects in the works. They will continue doing what is very dear to their hearts: give back to the community.

Summary of Internship

At PitCCh In, I have been given the opportunity to experience a great amount of things while acquiring new skills. One of the most important things Iíve learned is how to work and communicate well with others. Itís an important skill needed to succeed in any professional setting because working in a non-profit is literally a hustle by trying to raise money from corporate and private institutions and getting donations from anyone. Money is need in order to complete most if not all of the projects. My job as an intern is to organize, file, create shipping labels, package and input data into the computer which are typical intern duties. The best part of my internship definitely has to be attending and working events. When a big event is coming up, Stephen Eriksen, the director of development, comes from California and I work with him on all of the preparations and in carrying out the event. At these events itís extremely easy and important to create new relationships by networking with other people. Working the events are a lot of fun too. Also, being that they are a part of the sports industry, Iíve gotten a taste for social media and how their non-profit coincides with CCís career. This internship has definitely given me a professional attitude and great opportunities to look forward to.

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