Student Information

Student Name

Jason Felix




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Bergen Performing Arts Center

Mentor(s):Alex Diaz

Topic of Internship

Stage Management, Event Planning

Background Information

The Bergen PAC is located in the heart of Englewood, New Jersey. It is an attractive, flourishing theatre that was previously known as the John Harms Theatre but was closed down and reopened with a new name and a partially new staff. The Bergen PAC has been known to have some of the greatest performers including Ashanti, George Benson, Aretha Franklin, Chris Brown, Boys II Men, George Carlin and many others. The Bergen PAC also holds acting, dancing, and music workshops and classes for different age groups. The theatre also has a coalition with the Dwight Morrow Performing Arts Program. Students from the high school occasionally prepare performances that take place at the Bergen PAC; the most well known event is Englewood Idol which takes place sometime in January. The Bergen PAC is one of the biggest attractions of Englewood and continues to bring both new and old talent to its venue.

Summary of Internship

The internship at the Bergen PAC gives the intern a chance to experience different aspects of the theatre. This includes learning how to plan for events, preparing the theatre for performers, booking performers and renting out the theatre, and many other tasks. Interns are also able to read contracts and understand the agreements between the theatre and the performers. They are able to compose letters of acknowledgement to donors and those who contribute towards the organization. Jobs can also include ushering at events and providing VIP attendees with proper information and treatment. The intern may also participate in some of the performances by remaining back stage, in the cabaret room, or in the lobby. Interning at the Bergen PAC is a learning experience for those who would like to pursue a future career in stage management, events planning, audio and visual preparation, box office, or any other occupations within the theatre.

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