Student Information

Student Name

Kyle Rock




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Axis Architectural Studio

Mentor(s):Steven Lazarus, Robert Romaine, Delly Yaker, Ingri

Topic of Internship


Background Information

Axis Architectural Studio was started in June of 1996, in Englewood, New Jersey, by Steven Lazarus, A.I.A. and Riva Sloan, A.I.A. Both founding partners came with strong design backgrounds in new construction and interior design. Mr. Lazarus and Ms. Sloan bring over 30 years of combined experience to the firm. Axis has a staff of seven, including registered architects, AutoCAD draftsmen and designers. Axis has a reputation for a very complex design style as well as the highest standards of construction and architectural engineering. Their projects range from corporate expansions, award winning restaurants, medical offices, industrial warehouse projects, sports facilities, residential design, boutique stores, and private education facilities. Today, Axis provides complete architectural and interior design services to companies and individuals in the Mid Atlantic area. The office is located on 202 South Dean Street, by the first student bus company. Axis is a small firm and is to be considered one of Axisí best attributes. Everyone at Axis Architectural Studio is multi-tasking, and can complete the necessary tasks required to be good architects and designers. The office is structured with a team approach, and everyone is well versed on the projects in the office.

Summary of Internship

This internship gave me an honest experience in the field of architecture and to the real world of being an architect. When I started out, I performed clerical tasks such as answering the phone, sending faxes, organizing, and cleaning the library. From these simple tasks, I learned the basics of any office and was able to obtain a general feel of working in an office. As time progressed, I was able to go more in depth of being an Architect. Overtime, it was inevitable to learn a computer program called AutoCAD. I learned a lot of information about this program and found out that this program is the standard for all architects office and is used by everyone in the office. Even though I used AutoCAD more than I did during the beginning of my experience, I continue to do a simple task such as update the project list. The job list is about the jobs Axis gets and they assign a job number to it, which is assigned to all jobs and can be easily found. There were also job folders with the job name and number on it to keep in the job files. After arranging the library so many times, I got familiar with its contents. I also sent out envelopes to people that they kept in contact with and sent packages to companies through FedEx. I had the opportunity to go on site visits, to visit sites that they were working on to measure and sketch. Going on site visits gave me experience of how to measure and draw plans and understand the abstract concept on how to be an architect. Going on site visits was a relief to me because it is a good thing to gain experience out of the office at times. Participating in an internship at Axis has been a good experience for me to have during my senior year and I believe it is an honor and benefit for me to be there every week.

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