Student Information

Student Name

Brianna Majsiak




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Wildes&Weinberg P.C.

Mentor(s):Michael Wildes, Stacey Simon

Topic of Internship

Immigration Law

Background Information

The Wildes & Weinberg Law offices was established in the 1960’s by the principle partner of the firm, Leon Wildes. Covering all aspects of immigration law, W&W stands as one of the finest law firms in the country specializing in this field. Wildes & Weinberg P.C. Law Office is centered on providing unprecedented commitment, efficiency, and support in its clients’ cases. From the famous John Lennon immigration case to the average family tourist visas, W&W’s myriad of attorneys and paralegals cover a multitude of topics to fit every client’s needs.

Summary of Internship

Wildes & Weinberg is a profound immigration law firm with an office in Englewood New Jersey and on Madison Avenue in New York City. I have been very fortunate to intern at both offices and learn a multitude of skills. Michael Wildes has instilled in me the idea that no case is too small. He confidently takes on every case and has successfully handled some of the biggest cases in his field. Most importantly, Michael has shown me the unique quality of people skills and how to apply them in all situations. In the beginning of my internship, I was very grateful to be able to attend a law class taught my Michael at Cordozo Law School in NYC. Each week has left me more intrigued and educated in this field of law. Wildes & Weinberg has proved to have been a worthwhile experience that has exposed me to the professional world and a field of law that I am keenly interested in pursuing.

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