Student Information

Student Name

Teshawn Warren




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Dwight Morrow Athletics

Mentor(s):Sonia Lawrence & Yvonne Sheard

Topic of Internship


Background Information

Dwight Morrow Athletics, home of the Maroon Raiders, is located in Dwight Morrow High School. Under the supervision of Yvonne Sheard, responsibilities include directing athletic activities, district security, supervising the coordination of athletic events, managing athletic department budgets and more. Outside of these requirements, Ms. Sheard may also participate in the development of athletic facilities and fundraising. Additionally, Ms. Sheard serves as a liaison with sports conferences or division administrators. Employees of the Athletic Department ensure that the required playing fields for all athletes are set up and ready for use. Prior to that, the athletic department condones only in student athletes by making sure students remain eligible for sports. DM athletics acknowledges thatís good grades come first. From the Athletic Director to the Athletic Trainer, DM Athletics promotes good sportsmanship, grades and teamwork.

Summary of Internship

Here at the Dwight Morrow Athletics Department I was gifted with the chance to truly breakdown and understand High School athletics. Working under Ms. Lawrence, Ms. Sheard and Ms. Irby I was able to get first-hand experience on what it is like to run a High School Athletics department. From managing game reports, games, athletic equipment and athletic facilities; we did it all. Some situations called for communication with other athletic departments as well as much inventory throughout our own department. On occasion I was even given a chance to work with the Athletic Trainer, later becoming a supervisor for all Student Trainers for sporting events. Working with the DM Athletic Department I now know you have to be patient, consistent and have a great deal of school spirit. As a high school athlete, I have also learned that athletes have it easy compared to what the athletic department has to do. Fortunately, I had best of both worlds. Go Raiders!

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