Student Information

Student Name

Jon Segura




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Albert Ades MD, MS, p.a.

Mentor(s):Albert Ades MD, MS

Topic of Internship

General Medicine

Background Information

Working with Dr. Albert Ades brings life into his medical practice. With his license certifying him to practice medicine, Dr. Ades utilizes his skills in many different areas of medicine. Not only is he a general doctor, but he is also a certified medical surgeon. He has special interests in surgery and sports medicine. He devotes every Tuesday and Thursday afternoons to do surgical procedures in a surgical suite within his office (mostly minor surgeries). He also treats minor orthopedic and sports medicine injuries like shoulder dislocations, finger fractures, sprain and strains, knee injuries and twisted ankles. The medical office treats many types of patients and age groups who come in with various types of problems. With the great mind that Dr. Ades possesses, no patient walks out without a full diagnosis of their problem, medications or samples, with hand outs and references.

Summary of Internship

My role as an intern is to shadow Dr. Ades and the nurses around in order to observe their techniques and proper ways to examine and diagnose a patient. In addition to shadowing Dr. Ades, he has set up rotations for me at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center. He has arranged rotations in radiology, pharmacy, laboratory, etc. These rotations are to help me explore the medical field. For example, in radiology I worked with the radiologist examining the images of Ultra Sonographies, Cat Scans, MRI, and x-rays. We would try to come up with a diagnosis for the patients that we were examining. Having these rotations are very beneficial because one is able to see the different fields of medicine.

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