Student Information

Student Name

Kenny Gyeol Lee




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Dr. Brendan Mac Repair

Mentor(s):Dan McElroy

Topic of Internship

IT Services

Background Information

Dr. Brendan Mac Repair which is located in East Village, NYC and Park Slope, Brooklyn is a one-stop-shop for affordable and trustworthy computer electronic repairs, maintenance, tutorials, and IT supports. The store was first started by Brendan McElroy. McElroy started repairing IDevices from his fifth-floor apartment. After building up skills and reputation from his neighbors, he decided to open up a store in St. Marks Place in the East Village New York City. Dr. Brendan provides quick and affordable repairs and services on all Apple products.

Summary of Internship

As a person who loves to take apart, fix, and tune up electronic devices, I am certain that the experience that I received at Dr. Brendan Mac Repair was truly amazing and interesting. I knew how to do minor repairs on most of the IDevices such as replacing LCD, digitizer, and batteries before I started interning for Dr. Brendan. However, there definitely was a limit in looking at tutorial guides and videos to do those repairs. I sometime had trouble putting all the parts back into one big piece, and messed up many times. By interning at Dr. Brendan, with the help of my mentor Lucas Rodriguez, I was able to learn how to do most of the repairs on the IDevices such as changing the power button flex, replacing the logic board, and more. At a normal day at internship, I type in the customers’ personal information and his/her devices’ information into the store’s Database for records, pick-up phone-calls to answer questions regarding the business hours, minor questions on the devices, and prices. Also, I do deliveries and pick-ups from different locations. Even though I am not allowed to do repairs on customers’ broken devices, it was a great experience that I can utilize now, in college, and beyond.

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