Student Information

Student Name

Smit Patel




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Mercedes - Benz USA

Mentor(s):Dale Vanderbeck

Topic of Internship


Background Information

Mercedes Benz USA, also known as MBUSA, is the United States headquarters of the German luxury car brand Mercedes Benz which is a division of the German manufacturer company Daimler AG. More specifically, MBUSA is a sub headquarter that reports all of it efforts to the main headquarter in Germany. MBUSA is responsible for the marketing and distribution of Mercedes Benz products throughout the United States of America. Essentially, Mercedes Benz dealerships and any other dealerships that sell Daimler AG products in the United States report to and work with the MBUSA headquarters. In general, whenever these dealerships have a problem, it gets reported to the MBUSA headquarter and then MBUSA reports this to the Daimler AG headquarters.

Summary of Internship

As an intern at engineering services department of Mercedes Benz USA, I have greatly benefitted from working with my mentor, Dale Vanderbeck. The experience has really given me an insight into the career of an engineer. All the assignments that I was given helped me understand the type of work that an engineer has to perform. When I was updating vehicle case studies or analyzing fuel test samples, I was able to see how different vehicles can have a variety of problems. I began to see how complicated engineering problems were, and it was quite interesting to see how they were fixed. Probably, the greatest benefit I obtained from my experience was some of the unique skills from memorization to basic logic of computer programs that I was able to develop from the assignment that I worked. I became more effective and efficient at my work station. Overall, I felt that my internship showed me how engineering is a great career opportunity and I recommend this internship to anyone who is interested in the engineering field.

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