Student Information

Student Name

Kortney Wright




Internship Information

Company/Organization: O&S Associates

Mentor(s):Suchi Jayasena

Topic of Internship

Civil Engineering

Background Information

O&S Associates, Inc. is a diversified and multi-disciplined Consulting Engineering firm. The major areas of focus and concentration of the firm are: planning, design and restoration of multi-level parking structures, exterior building fašade evaluations and roof assessments, including architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical systems. The Principal of the firm is Mr. VP Samy, P.E. Mr. Samy is a registered professional engineer with over 30 years of experience in parking and structural engineering. He has been involved in the planning, design, feasibility studies, condition surveys and construction of parking facilities and buildings. His staff of experienced Engineers and Architects has completed numerous successful projects for satisfied clients saving them money by reducing construction costs while enhancing durability through unique designs combined with careful materials selection.

Summary of Internship

This company will give its interns a unique opportunity that others cannot give. It is a relaxed environment and very quiet. There are engineers, architects, technicians and a principal who are willing to indulge the intern in what they do. One will get a truly solid foundation on Civil Engineering; one will understand the business and legal side of engineering by reading contracts, cost agreements, environmental reports, law certificates and other documents. Similarly, the intern will get to see the technical side of engineering by examining shop drawings, architectural/electrical/mechanical/fire-proofing/structural floor plans and computer generated blueprints. Not only will the intern analyze these drawings, they will also have the opportunity to make them. One will spend a lot of time on the computer working with programs like RAM Structural System and AutoCad which are the exact platforms that the professionals use which is an invaluable resource. Another great resource is the people themselves for they have many years of experience and are happy to tell their stories. The staff gives students career advice, updates on the projects they are working on, official terms about the mechanism they are working on and others. If one wants a well-rounded internship in a real office environment, O&S Associates is the place to go.

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