Student Information

Student Name

Jonathan Ishak




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Northern Valley Evangelical Free Church

Mentor(s):Reverend Davind Hansen, Reverend Ruben Cabrera

Topic of Internship

Pastoral Ministry

Background Information

Northern Valley Evangelical Free Church is a local church that belongs to the Evangelical Free Church of America. As a church and a congregation, Northern Valley Evangelical Free Church has a vision to see the Great Commission fulfilled, beginning with our families, and intentionally reaching outward to the communities of Bergen County and ultimately the world, through a balance of creatively WINNING the lost, thoroughly BUILDING the believers and dynamically EQUIPPING the workers - all resulting in making fully trained disciples who are reaching their generation for Christ. The church building was first established in 1951, and is still continuing to grow today. The church seeks to grow in spiritual strength as well as in attendance numbers, through teaching only what the Bible teaches, and offering several different ministry opportunities to those in the community seeking a place where they can learn what the Bible teaches.

Summary of Internship

Spending a year under a pastoral mentor is one of the most unique opportunities Ive ever had the chance of seizing. Rather than experiencing the typical business aspect of the real world, I was able to see a very specific piece of society, and that is the church. This opportunity was an excellent way to lead into going off to Bible college in order to study to become a pastor. I did not have to wait for a couple years to see what it would be like to be in the office as a pastor, but rather I was able to go off to college with the knowledge beforehand. There were several different aspects to this internship. For instance, I was given the chance to teach the junior high school youth group in order to get a feel for what youth ministry teaching would feel like. On top of teaching opportunities arising in various places, I was also able to establish pastoral network connections through monthly ministerial gatherings. These ministerial gatherings were a time when several pastors from the northeastern district would join together in order to discuss certain theological topics as well as discuss the health and state of their own churches. I am so thankful that I was given the ability to pursue this internship, and to further seek the Lord through a school-related function. It definitely was an excellent way to prepare for college and will always be a significant part of my educational experience.

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