Student Information

Student Name

Anthony Vincent




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Luckow Pavilion/Cancer Center

Mentor(s):Louis Spinelli

Topic of Internship


Background Information

The Luckow Pavilion is a Same Day Surgery/Cancer Center/Pharmacy all in one building. The third floor belongs to the Same Day Surgery Department, which is whee I intern. This department is self explanatory; it is for people who are getting surgery and are not required to stay overnight. The second floor is the Cancer Center. On the second floor, patients come in for treatments for cancer. They also make the chemotherapy on the second floor. Finally, they conduct research on the second floor for all different types of cancer, and research cures for them. The first floor is a pharmacy for the incoming and outgoing patients but also for the community. It is truly amazing how much these people know about their specific topics. It is a wonderful internship.

Summary of Internship

Being an intern at the Luckow Pavilion gives me a great opportunity about learning about different careers in the medical field and about different aspects of medicine. Whiel I am at internship with the clinical pharmacist for the Same Day Surgery, Louis Spinelli, I complete many different tasts throughout my six hours at the Pavilion. I must complete the order charts on the computer for different patients, obviously with the help of my mentor. Also, when we complete the orders on the computer we must make them for the patients coming in. For example, we must prepare the syringes, which the doctors order to numb and cause the patient to be pain free during the surgery. After we complete this task we must prepare orders for the next day in the lab, because it is a cleaner, germ free enviornmet, so the drugs dont't get subject to germs and stay clean overnight. Then when we have a hour or so free at the end of the day, my mentor takes me and my partner to the lab where we complete various experiments. For example, we previously made eye drops and put them into smaller containers, for the hospital to use to save money, which was my mentors idea! Every week I am there, I always know that I am in for a great learning experience, that I will enjoy, and that will help me better prepare myself for for the future.

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