Student Information

Student Name

Miguel Lopez




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Englewood Veterinary Center

Mentor(s):Dr. Nurhan Ezik

Topic of Internship

Veterinary Science

Background Information

Englewood Veterinary Center is a fully equipped animal hospital where you will receive the best and most highly care for your pets provided by a highly trained staff. Englewood Veterinary Center also has the latest technology available that allows them to provide the best and most professional care for their patients. Their center has the diagnostic capabilities that include digital radiography, ultrasound, endoscopy, blood pressure analysis, electrocardiography, blood work and much more. Englewood Veterinary Center is well equipped to deal with any emergency. They believe in keeping their center an eco-friendly place, and providing their clients with a clean and healthy environment. Englewood Veterinary Center is located in Englewood NJ.

Summary of Internship

Every week at Englewood Veterinary Center is a different experience for me. Going to Englewood Veterinary Center gives me an insight what a Veterinary Job is like. Every Thursday when I go in, there is something new taking place. Whether it is a procedure/surgery or a checkup scheduled for the day, I experienced new things every week. My daily task when I go in is to help get the doctor and his veterinary techs get ready for surgery. This can range anywhere from helping hooking up the animal to the monitor or giving a hand keeping the animal calm and still, to many more task. Also, during the procedure, the doctor allows me to observe and viewed what is going on. This is very beneficial to me because I get to see what the doctor is doing. After the surgery/procedure is finished, I help clean up the tools used in the procedure along with the Veterinary Techs. Having a hand on internship in my opinion is more beneficial to me because I can take more from my internship.

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