Student Information

Student Name

Diana Karwowska




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Dr. John Grieco Elementary School

Mentor(s):Mrs. Kathy Kane

Topic of Internship


Background Information

Dr. John Grieco Elementary School is a school with grade levels 1-3 located in Englewood, New Jersey. Dr. John Grieco Elementary School teaches students to be successful and always on their best behavior. The main goal of the school is to develop and maintain an atmosphere that is positive, caring and respectful. It also aims to foster a love of learning that encourages creative problem solving, risk taking, and critical thinking in our learning community and create an environment in which students are able to integrate knowledge and learning into daily life in preparation for the 21st Century and to embrace and respect cultural diversity. The school also aims to allow each person to achieve his/her potential through a community of collaboration in which he/she will become a contributing member of society. Students in the building are well behaved and respect their peers and surroundings. The students develop math and writing skills on a daily basis and are involved in music, art, gym, computers, and a world language once a week. The school offers many after school programs for students who need extra help or for students whose parents work late.

Summary of Internship

Being an intern at the Dr. John Grieco Elementary School has taught me a lot in the field of Psychology. As a future Psychologist, I would like to work with children. I have become very close with the students that are in the class. Mrs. Kane, my mentor, has taught me a lot, especially how to communicate with the children. I have made a lot of progress since the day I started my internship; now I know how to handle situations with different students and how to respond to their questions. I have also learned how to keep a group of children under control. Mrs. Kane always gives me tips on how to work with children and she guides me through the day. I help the students with their writing/spelling and math. I have learned to use real life situations when explaining an assignment to the students. I also read with the students, and over the past three months they have really grown on me. Since I am there only once a week, they are always surprised and excited when they see me. Every day the students learn something new from me and I learn something new from them. Every student is unique in their own way and they all have different talents. Mrs. Kane has a very well developed classroom management plan that I picked up after about three weeks. Mrs. Kane has come up with very fun educational games that help the students learn in a fun way.

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