Student Information

Student Name

Alexis Ivery




Internship Information

Company/Organization: State Street Smiles

Mentor(s):Dr. Eddie Jackson

Topic of Internship


Background Information

The office is friendly and fun, and they believe in gently introducing a child to dental care. The staff develops a one-on-one relationship with their patients including trust and cooperation by using a "show and tell" method which is based on showing the patient what he/she already knows, and then incorporating it with something new. "What color is your toothbrush...Look at mine” or... “Come sit on my favorite chair” This way the child learns to feel comfortable in an otherwise unusual, strange, and overwhelming area. The staff is extensively trained to work with special needs children, and is capable of creating a nurturing and learning environment. The doctors consider it their responsibility to guide patients toward good oral health habits, and to help parents and their children prevent dental problems whenever possible.

Summary of Internship

While interning with State Street Smiles, students will have the opportunity to observe any dental procedures taking place in the office. At first most of the time will be taken up by filing, stuffing billing envelopes and other expected intern work. However, as a student gets to know the staff and doctors, the intern might be able to assist the doctor/hygienist with procedures. Not all of the experience comes from observing procedures and hygiene check-ups; it also comes from conversations with everyone. In the office, Dr. Eddie makes an effort to connect with the intern and help them with making decisions about college and other major choices that will appear. All in all, State Street Smiles provides a great learning experience.

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