Student Information

Student Name

Maria Cardona




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Bergen Family Center

Mentor(s):Lystra Williams and Ms. Aliyah

Topic of Internship

Early childhood development

Background Information

Bergen Family center has developed into the countyís oldest continuously operating family service agency. Its center has children services as well as adolescent, eldercare, and counseling services. The Center has a lot to offer to its community, making sure every kind of age group gets helped. The children are well taken care of and also have the chance to be taught many things. It is evident that the teachers care for the young minds with all the work and effort they out in to their assignment. Bergen family center gives help and opportunities to anyone who needs it.

Summary of Internship

Interning at the Bergen family center has given me the chance to experience what it is to be a teacher to the younger minds, as well as the opportunity of learning the different behaviors that children have. Everyone is truly welcoming and makes me feel right at home. I never once felt like I wasnít important or I was being ignored. Throughout my experience in the center I learned valuable information that I will always keep in mind, such as never losing your temper with children but at the same time being strict enough with them so they can learn what is right from wrong. In order for the children to not be bored it is important to give creativity to all lessons. Since Iím not an experienced or certified teacher, I am not allowed to go inside the bathroom stalls with the children or to be alone in the room with them. I understand why rules like these are implemented and I simply go by them. Iíve also experienced children who can be stubborn but I learned that the best way to handle the situations is by not giving in and to be a voice of reasoning. Thanks to all the experiences I have learned in my internship I will be better prepared and equipped for the future if I choose a career along these lines. I recommend this internship to anyone that thinks teaching early childhood development is what they desire to do.

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