Student Information

Student Name

Julian Faust




Internship Information

Company/Organization: bergenPAC

Mentor(s):Alex Diaz

Topic of Internship

Stage / Entertainment Management

Background Information

The Bergen Performing Arts Center (bergenPAC) is northern New Jersey’s busiest not-for-profit, performing arts center – a home to hundreds of world class performances at affordable prices reaching audiences of over 250,000 each year. The bergenPAC embraces the spectrum of the arts from Rock to Classical to Dance to Comedy, with nearly 150 events each year, the arts are well represented. However, the soul of bergenPAC can best be seen in our efforts to provide a home for innovative arts and educational programs that reach out to thousands of families via our Beyond Education programs.

Summary of Internship

While interning with the bergenPAC, students will have the opportunity to observe many different business situations and types of work around the office. Typically you will seek your mentor and await instruction. Traditional intern work is to be expected. You may be in the Box Office stuffing promotional envelopes or upstairs filing or removing staples from show-riders. On occassion, you may even be able to go out into the streets to promote upcoming events or collect menues for artists who will be performing there. Not all of the experience comes from the work given, some comes from your own observation of how business is done in the office. Overall, interning at the bergenPAC is convenient and can at times be very beneficial.

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