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Kasim Josey



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Company/Organization: Inglemoor Nursing Home

Mentor(s):Tiffany Battle-McNeal, Caren Josey

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Background Information

The Inglemoor Health Center is a branch off of the Genesis Health Care association. Genesis offers a variety of services in more than 400 centers across 29 states. In addition to their Short Stay and Long-term care services, they also offer Specialized Alzheimer's care, orthopedic rehabilitation, ventilator care, dialysis care and Assisted Living services in a variety of centers. Inglemoor Center is located in Englewood, New Jersey, on 333 Grand Ave. The staff is dedicated to Short Stay Rehabilitation and Long-term Care residents. Inglemoor is small, it only has two floors. But that is actually to their benefit. There's more one-to-one care which adds to a more personal touch. Inglemoor's Clinical Team provides 24-hour Skilled Nursing Care, Transitional Care, Long-term Rehabilitation, Pain Management, Wound Care, Respiratory Care, Physical Therapy, Occupational, and Speech Therapy, Medication Management, Palliative Care, and Recreational Therapy.

Summary of Internship

Before acquiring this internship, I had a very naÔve view of what having a career in the medical field would be like. Thanks to working with Tiffany, my mother, and the amazing staff at Inglemoor, I now have firsthand experience of what being a nurse truly means. The internship has been fun, though Iíll admit certain things were a tad dull and for the most part boring. For example, for the first few months my job required that most of my time would have to be spent doing paper work. I was in charge of filling out the proper paperwork for new patients, so we have something to refer to and use to help them during their stay. I also filled out the required information needed for patients who were healthy enough to leave the nursing home. Though both of these jobs were time consuming, the job I enjoyed the least was going through the list of patients and writing down who paid and who had not yet had the opportunity. Of course, my internship wasnít all bad. I enjoyed talking to the patients and hearing what they had to say. Itís easy sometimes to forget that the elderly were at one point young children, like me, and that they lived a full life and have many stories to tell. So I was very curious to hear what entertaining stories they had to tell me. I also enjoyed feeding the patients, and playing games with them such as bingo and card games. In the end, I realize that my experience with Inglemoor will help me in the future when I am pursuing a career. Since I actually have some experience in the field, once I have my degree I will really stand out to possible employers. For that, I am extremely thankful to have been given this opportunity.

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