Student Information

Student Name

Kyle Simmons




Internship Information

Company/Organization: The Valley Hospitalís Robert and Audrey Luckow Pav

Mentor(s):Louis A. Spinelli R.P.

Topic of Internship


Background Information

The Robert and Audrey Luckow Pavilion is an offsite facility of The Valley Hospital that is home to The Daniel and Gloria Blumenthal Cancer Center, the George R. Jaqua Same Day Services Center, and Valley Health Pharmacy. The Luckow Pavilionís general purpose is to alleviate some of the traffic in the actual Valley Hospital of Ridgewood, New Jersey by providing services such as same-day surgery and an retail pharmacy, that do not necessarily need to be housed in the main hospital. The Blumenthal Cancer Center is one of the gems that the Luckow Pavilion is home to. Services offered at the Blumenthal Cancer Center include radiation oncology, TomoTherapy, chemotherapy infusion, PET scanning, surgical oncology, clinical trials & cancer registry program, oncologistsí offices and cancer prevention and detection programs. Thus, the Luckow Pavilion houses one of the most state-of-the-art cancer centers in the tri-state area. The Jaqua Same Day Services Center houses six Same Day Surgical Suites and provides any type of surgery that can be completed within 24 hours. The Luckow Pavilion houses many noteworthy centers and strives to provide great care, service, and a good experience.

Summary of Internship

Being an intern at the Luckow Pavilion and being mentored by Mr. Spinelli has provided me with hands-on experience that is priceless for a high school student in my position. As an aspiring pharmacy student I was able to see what opportunities the field of pharmaceutical studies has to offer. The fact that I was placed right in the Operating Room portion of the pharmacy system of the Luckow Pavilion enhanced my experience a great deal. I did have meticulous duties at first, such as filing charges, orders, and records. However, as time passed I built a rapport. As a result, I was not only exposed to the field by watching my mentor conduct his daily duties, but I was able to mix drugs and deliver medicine myself. After the hands on experience, my mentor would then explain to me how the drug worked. From month to month, I was able to witness various types of same-day surgeries such as cataract removals and kneecap replacements. I found myself building relationships with all types of medical professionals from surgeons to nurses. Some months, I actually got to meet different pharmacy students who were doing their field work at the Luckow Pavilion. Opportunities such as these encounters, gave me the chance to learn from students have been studying the field of pharmacy. The whole facility is very welcoming and you may forget that you are in a hospital, but you cannot forget your purpose of going there to learn. This facility certainly gave me a better understanding of the field of pharmacy and solidified my dreams of a career in the field. The Luckow Pavilion gave me an unforgettable experience that I feel is unmatched and one that I will always be appreciative of.

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