Student Information

Student Name

Seth D. Mills




Internship Information

Company/Organization: School of Rock USA

Mentor(s):Mr. Nik Rael (General Manager) and Mr. Kevin Kendr

Topic of Internship

Entertainment & Music Performance

Background Information

School of Rock USA – formerly known as the Paul Green School of Rock – was named one of the five hot franchises by CNN Money. It is a for-profit educational company that operates and franchises after-school music instruction – rock and classic rock, or older rock – schools in the United States of America and Mexico. School of Rock USA serves nearly 10,000 students in 105 locations and is the largest after-school music program in the United States of America. Students are accepted at any skill level, but the most skilled students from each school compete to become a member of an “All-Star” band and go on tour in various parts of the country.

Summary of Internship

I enjoy my senior experience at School of Rock USA in Tenafly, New Jersey, every Thursday. My mentor, Nik Rael, is a person who not only has a strong musical aptitude, but a deep and abiding compassion for the success of his students, myself included, and does virtually anything that will contribute to their temporary and long term betterment. The instructors of the respective departments – bass, ensembles, guitar, piano, percussion, strings, and voice – are exceptional musicians themselves, and impart invaluable insight, knowledge, and wisdom to the younger musicians who attend rehearsals. In regards to my responsibilities, I serve as an assistant rehearsal director, meaning that I aid the rehearsal directors in whatever capacities are needed – teaching music theory, performing musical selections with the students, and teaching the entire rehearsals – and I do so with passion. I enjoy the simple fact that I forged dynamic relationships with my mentor, additional facilitators, and fellow musicians, through enlightening dialogue and innovative, interesting practice sessions, and also have the chance to share my insight, knowledge, and wisdom in the thirteen years I have been involved in music.

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