Student Information

Student Name

Jose Cervino




Internship Information

Company/Organization: Architectura

Mentor(s):Christopher Manos

Topic of Internship


Background Information

Architectura was founded on four basic principles: passion, vision, innovation and execution. These ideologies are upheld and exceptionally portrayed in all the work the team at Architectura produces. The firm’s size is relatively small but has both national and international offices managed by Conrad Roncati, the CEO of the company. Architectura has an impressively diverse portfolio which depicts its professionalism, talent and experience. Their work ranges from small residential homes to sprawling commercial centers to grand collegiate buildings. Their mark can be seen throughout Bergen County and has even marked Englewood with their design of the Community Baptist Church of Englewood. Architectura is definitely one of the most noteworthy architecture firms in the area and would look impressive on any intern resume.

Summary of Internship

Arriving at Architectura, I knew little of architecture’s design philosophies and rules, and more of what looked “good”. My mentor, Chris, quickly set me straight and guided me through the learning process of developing a project. Chris’s goal was to treat me as a college architecture student by giving me the freedom to express my creativity in projects similar to those given in university courses. Every week I was immersed into an environment filled with support and guidance where every detail was questioned and every wrong was taught a right. One of the most interesting characteristics of my internship wasn’t the projects that I worked on, but the challenge of character I was faced with. Chris is an awesome guy with years of experience to learn from, but his personality did something unique to mine. Whenever he challenged an idea of mine he didn’t go at the design exclusively, but targeted me unknowingly as a person as well. Because of this, I grew into a stronger person and learned to stick up for my ideas. Chris taught me that as an architect I had to face criticism and have confidence in my decisions. My internship at Architectura has changed me as a person, given me knowledge which pervades my life and has taught me invaluable lessons on what is to come in my career as an architect.

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