Student Information

Student Name

Manuel Castano




Internship Information

Company/Organization: U.S Army Recruiting Center

Mentor(s):SFC Sean Jackson

Topic of Internship


Background Information

The US Army Recruiting Center located in Hackensack, NJ is a team of dedicated soldiers with a simple goal in mind; provide people with the opportunity to be a part of the greatest fighting force in the world. Lead by Sergeant First Class Brown the station leader they work to recruit the best for todayís military. All ten recruiters working in the office work trying to get people to join. Since the military is downsizing there is only room for those thatís willing to work hard to accomplish the task at hand. The recruiters have centuries on military experience between them and they know what it takes to be a good soldier. There all countless recruiting offices all over the U.S and they all work hand in hand working to bring the best of the best to todayís military.

Summary of Internship

Being an intern at a U.S Army Recruiting Center has given me a unique opportunity to see the various aspects of what it takes to be a recruiter in the U.S Army. It is a friendly and inviting in the office and some of my duties in the office involve me talking to anyone that comes in the office talk to them while they wait for a recruiter. I always find paper and build profile packets for recruits when they decide that they want to commit to the U.S Army. Iím also responsible for measuring and taping future so they are not over the allowed body fat percentage and planning future soldier events. My mentor and I spend most of our time either at schools talking to students at schools of marketing at stores asking them if we could put our business cards in there store.

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